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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C coupe

Twelve days after trumpeting the Alfa Romeo's return to Canada with an unveiling at the Montreal Grand Prix, Chrysler Canada has announced pricing for the exotic sports car.

The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C coupe – featuring a 237-horsepower, 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine and a dynamic twin-clutch transmission – will retail for $61,995. Additionally, a special limited version of the car – the Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition, of which only 500 will be made – will sell for $75,995. The Launch Edition will be in showrooms this summer while the regular 4C arrives in the fall.

"The all-new 4C marks the return of 'the great Alfa Romeos' and represents the purest formation of the brand's DNA with its supercar-levels of performance and innovation, all while focusing on making the driver an integral part and completion of the machine," said Harald Wester, CEO of Alfa Romeo, in a press release. "With its technological solutions derived directly from Formula 1, the Alfa Romeo 4C creates an infusion of body and machine, an extension of its driver's soul that is ready, capable and willing to respond and deliver."

There are four Alfa Romeo dealerships in Canada: in Vancouver, Vaughan, Ont., LaSalle, Que., and Boischatel, Que.

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