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trans-canada highway

In testing at a Fuji Speedway course set in a parking lot, the Toyota i-Road swerved easily through corners, felt safe and fun too.

Photos by Tom Maloney

It seems an ideal commuting vehicle, emission free with an electric motor, able to go 50 km on a charge, with top speed of 60 km/h.

With one wheel in back, ‎it looks tipsy but doesn't tip, as an on-board computer programs an instant adjustment.

Made of carbon-fibre, the body is sturdy. Inside, the single seat is comfortable. Operation is simple - push the D-botton on the dash to go forward, release the safety break, push the pedal and presto, off you go in near-silence.

A company engineer says the vehicle remains in development. ‎Snow and ice represent a to-be-resolved issue, so even though the i-Road has been driven by the public at auto shows, it's not for sale. Yet.

Here it is in action at the Toronto auto show in February:

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