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In photos: What Canadian women want, when it comes to cars

It is a rhetorical question, asked perennially by men: What do women want? Evidently, in the automotive sector, it's the Nissan Juke. Heading into Mother's Day, 79 per cent of Juke buyers in Canada this year are women, according to J.D. Power research. The all-wheel drive, unique-looking Juke is followed in the top-10 closely by the Toyota Yaris (76 per cent) and VW Beetle (72 per cent). Next are the Nissan Micra (65 per cent), Lincoln Navigator (65 per cent), Buick Encore, Nissan Versa and Fiat 500 (64 per cent), Honda HR-V (63 per cent) and Honda Fit (62 per cent). "The Juke's high seating height and wide stance are part of its unique design," says Brent Smith, Nissan Canada's chief marketing manager. "It offers drivers a nimble confidence on crowded city streets, which we've found appeals to female buyers." Sorted by brand through the first one-third of the year, women favoured Fiat (67 per cent), Mini (51 per cent), Hyundai 51 (per cent), Kia and Buick 50 (per cent). Robert Karwel, senior manager, J.D. Power's power information network, says that while some brands are without a specific model in the top-10, they are popular over all with women. In total, women have made 39 per cent of over all automotive purchases in Canada in 2016 so far. However, they comprise a lopsided 61 per cent of buyers in two segments: subcompacts and subcompact SUVs. Those segments are followed in popularity with female buyers by the compact car, compact SUV and compact luxury SUV groups.

No. 1: J.D. Power research found that this year 79 per cent of Nissan Juke buyers were women.


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No: 2: Toyota Yaris - 76 per cent


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No. 3: Volkswagen Beetle - 72 per cent


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No. 4: Nissan Micra - 65 per cent


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No. 4: Lincoln Navigator - 65 per cent


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No. 6: Buick Encore - 64 per cent

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No. 6: Nissan Versa - 64 per cent

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No. 6: Fiat 500 - 64 per cent


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No. 9: Honda HR-V - 63 per cent


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No. 10: Honda Fit - 62 per cent


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