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Remember those Christmas mornings when, as a child, you'd would rush outside to show off your new toys only to realize that your neighbours' were so much better?

For us that feeling was never more pronounced than in the 80s, when Power Wheels hit the scene.

Those other kids on the street could just cruise around like adults in their cool-looking Jeeps while we were stuck begging for a turn to drive. Luckily those plastic machines only travelled about 5 km/h so we could easily keep up on foot. But walking took considerable amount more effort.

We can't go back in time, but here are eight toys we wish we unwrapped on Christmas morning. (They're certainly a lot less expensive than the real thing).



Feber Ferrari California Classic Car Ride-On: $449.99, 12V battery. Comes with official Ferrari stickers and badges plus imitation seat belts.

Ferrari California: $198,000, 553 horsepower. Comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and a folding metal roof.


Jeep Wrangler

Fisher-Price Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler: $279.99, 12V battery. Features roll bars and a 'radio' that only plays songs from Frozen.

Jeep Wrangler: $20,695, 285 horsepower. Features a fold-down windshield, removable doors and four-wheel drive.
Toys R Us

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra Ride-On: $279.99, 6V battery. Features Chrome hubcaps and body parts.

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra: Replicas sell for between $25,000 and $40,000. A real one sold recently for $5.5 million. 800 horsepower.


Ford F-150

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F-150 Extreme Sport: $349.99, 12V battery. Features oversized tires, a lifted body and sporty race graphics.

Ford F-150: $17,999, 302 horsepower. It is Canada's best-selling line of pickup trucks for 48 years.


Mini Cooper

Avigo Mini Cooper Car Ride-On: $299.99, 12V battery. Features chrome accent trim, horn and engine sounds.

Mini Cooper: $20,990, 134 horsepower. Features 39 MPGs on the highway.


Pink Ford Mustang

Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang Ride-On: $299.99, 12V battery. Features an adjustable seat and cup holders.

Ford Mustang: $24,999, 300 horsepower. The cockpit is equipped with classic gauges and state-of-the-art technology


BMW i8

Avigo BMW i8 Ride-On: $219.99, 6V battery. Features an MP3 connector and speakers.

BMW i8: $145,000, 362 horsepower. It is a plug-in hybrid with the performance of a sports car.



Kalee Lotus Exige Ride-On: $349.99, 12V battery. The Toys R Us description states,"This is a car that screams opulence and exclusivity."

Lotus Exige: $85,000, 345 horsepower. It can go from 0-100 km/h in four seconds and has a top speed of 274 km/h.

In case you can't remember the jingle, here is an old commercial.

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