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Did you know that you can drive most recreational vehicles (RVs) with a regular driver's license? If you're new to RVing, it may look overwhelming, but it's actually fairly straightforward. RVs are now equipped with back-up and side cameras to help you get comfortable behind the wheel, and adjustable seats and steering wheel just like your normal vehicle.

Here are nine driving tips for those new to RVing:

1. Always ensure that all passengers are seated and belted before driving and all loose items on counter tops and tables have been put away.

2. Have someone outside watching for obstacles and trees hitting the roof as you maneuver into a camp site or parking space. If you're driving alone, this may require you to stop and take a careful look.

3. Keep a safe distance (of two full vehicle lengths) from other vehicles on the road. It takes longer to accelerate and stop in a motorhome.

4. Wind will impact your RV more than a car or SUV. Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times.

5. Make all turns gradual and make sure that you take wider turns when turning right.

6. When towing, make sure that the vehicle does not exceed the maximum capacity of your motorhome. It is best to confirm with your local dealer to confirm the tow ability of your vehicle.

7. Never go down a road that cautions a low bridge. Be aware of overhead obstacles like tree branches and gas station canopies.

8. Check all utilities are disconnected prior to departing from a campsite.

9. Inflating your tires to the recommended pressure will help you operate your RV because the vehicle will handle best with good rubber on the road. Check your tire pressure at least once a week and ensure all maintenance is up to date.

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David Sammut, the president of Motor Home Travel Canada Inc. and is a member of Go RVing Canada - a non-profit organization that promotes the RV lifestyle in Canada. He brings his many years of experience to ensure you and your family will have the vacation of a lifetime. He has significant international experience, having marketed European tour operators for the past 13 years