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1.American Graffitti, 1973 Stars: Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard Cars: 1958 Chevy Impala, 1955 Chevy Coupe, 1956 Ford Thunderbird, 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe (pictured, with actor Paul Le Mat)

The Academy Award nominations were announced on Tuesday and nary was a car movie to be found. That's not all that unusual considering the only car movie to ever get a Best Picture sniff was American Graffitti back in 1973 - and it lost to The Sting.

You can keep your Social Networks, your Black Swans, your Inceptions. The Oscars hold little allure - especially with James Franco and Anne Hathaway as co-hosts. Seriously? If it's not Billy Crystal, it's not worth the three-plus hours.

Instead, come Feb. 27, Oscar's big night, we'll be sitting down with a big bowl of popcorn and a car flick. This list is by no means definitive -there are countless car movies - but when we want to get our four-wheeled fix, these come to mind:

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