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AMC Pacer - Although it was a gas guzzler and a rust bucket, the Pacer’s hideous looks were its main calling card.
AMC Pacer - Although it was a gas guzzler and a rust bucket, the Pacer’s hideous looks were its main calling card.

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These cars all have shoddy engineering, questionable taste, or poor manufacturing quality. Or all of the above.

This is a selection of comments made by readers on the original Worst Cars story.


".....ANYTHING made by AMC was complete crap and that was when the Japanese started building reliable, smaller, more gas efficient cars while Big Auto in North America let their industry decay beyond repair."

".....How about the AMC Spirit? A p.o.s. I foolishly bought a brand new one in 1981. It was a perfect companion for a second vehicle: A tow truck! It spent more time in the shop than actually driving it. The bucket seats kept snapping at the back (I jammed a milk crate behind the drivers' side), otherwise it looked like we were Apollo astronauts! AMC going out of business after Chrysler bought them out was a good thing. "

Audi Fox

"I had one of the first ones sold and what lemon that was! To change the struts you had to pull the engine, to change the starter you had to pull the engine! Nobody, not even the dealer wanted to work on that thing. It was ironic because the Audi Fox commercial on television bragged about German engineering as a selling point. What a joke!"

Austin Marina

"....besides having the usual British crappy engineering and the Lucas electrics it was so light in the back end it was undriveable in the rain and a death trap in the snow."

".....If memory serves (and it might not!), part of the marketing ploy around the Marina was to emphasize its connection to MG through shared parts and platform. Pure smoke and mirrors; or, in this case, smoke and fire. The lowest point must have been the MG sedan of around 1973. I had a friend who bought one from a dealership on Vancouver Island. It caught fire as he drove it off the lot. Funny now. Not so funny then."


Take a look at a Pontiac Aztek and a BMW X6M side by side: They are damn near identical! Just slap a BMW front grill and headlights on an Aztek and you've got this new BMW. Who'd have thought that ten years on people would be paying $100,000+ for an Aztek clone?

Buick Rendezvous

".....I get angry when I see that wretched looking vehicle."

Chevrolet Chevette

".....I owned a '76 Chevette for nine years. It was crude, slow, and had one of the worst "heaters" (or so they called it) I've ever come across. It was a pretty chilly winter ride. On the other hand, the car was cheap to run and just wouldn't die. I finally got rid of it after I snapped the second clutch cable, and couldn't be bothered fixing it."

"......My Chevette would not start up in damp weather and stunk of rotten eggs if you tried to pass someone. It died at 100,000 km."

".....When I was learning to drive, my Mother let me back her Chevrolet 'Chevette' (AKA Pontiac 'Acadian') out of the driveway. Before embarking on my mission, I carefully adjusted my seat, adjusted the mirrors, and checked my blind spot. I then started the engine, pressed my foot onto the brake and shifted the vehicle's automatic transmission into reverse - at which time the entire transmission shifter assembly came off in my hand leaving a gaping hole in the vehicle's center floor console!"

Chevrolet Cavalier

"........It spent more time in the garage than it did on my driveway. It stalled, shimmied, electrical failures, burned oil, you name it. I swore never again to buy a first-of-its-kind car.'

Chevrolet Camaro

"The four-cylinder Camaro of the early 80s deserves a place on this list too. Not for looks or anything, just for putting a four-cylinder in a Camaro, with a whopping 92HP."

Chevrolet Vega

"...... suicidal engines..... hands down the worst car GM ever made. My experience with GM dealerships is worse than their product. Even though I recognize that GM makes better cars now, I can't forget the BS I had to endure at the dealerships.

Ford Explorer

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