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AMC Pacer - Although it was a gas guzzler and a rust bucket, the Pacer’s hideous looks were its main calling card.
AMC Pacer - Although it was a gas guzzler and a rust bucket, the Pacer’s hideous looks were its main calling card.

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".....Badly built, under-engineered, and completely unreliable, it's the only vehicle I've ever owned that went through three (THREE!!!) starter motors and a transmission in less than three years. After all these years, I still won't consider buying a Ford product."

Ford Maverick

"......If we're talking about rust buckets, the Ford Maverick should be on the list. I bought one in 1971, and by the time it died 6 years later, it had more fibreglass patches than metal

Ford Torino

".....EVERYTHING that came out of Detroit in 1971 was a rust bucket. I owned a Torino that met the same fate (scrap yard) after three years, with only 70,000 miles. The quality was so abysmal that Japanese manufacturers got it right and the rest is history. North American manufacturers deserve what they got and it all started in the 1970's."

The Harper Pro-Rogue

" .....I nominate the Harper Pro-Rogue as worst vehicle of all time: 1. Uglier that a Trabant, 2. Won't start in the Winter, 3. Guzzles gas and spews noxious fumes, 4. Extremely dangerous in local and international conditions, 5. Has a built-in speech synthesizer that salts the wound by continuously telling you how lucky you are to be riding in it."

Honda Civic

".....And no mention of the early Honda Civic with it's Asian female anthropometrics? I personally helped a neighbour yank the bumper off one rustbucket so it could be driven without dragging the part down the road."

".....If the early Explorers are going to be on the list, despite having evolved into very popular vehicles then it is only fair to add the early Honda Civic and the Hyundai Pony. Other losers for consideration that would get my vote would include the Pontiac Fiero; Chevy Citation; Dodge Omni; and the K-cars."


"..... now that is an ugly piece of junk."

Hyundai Stellar

"....even worse than the Pony."

"had a Stellar in my student days. It didn't heat up properly in the winter; it was a block of ice. It stalled going up hills. It had a "choke" gadget that I had to fiddle with when starting the car. It had manual steering and I did some pretty clumsy parking around concrete columns in parkades. It was basically an ugly, dented up piece of garbage. But as other posters have noted, there is nothing more liberating than leaving the car doors open and hoping someone steals the pile of cr*p."

International Harvester Travelall

"....International Harvester should have stuck to building combines."

"..... A tractor masquerading as a truck. I have permanent hearing loss from the rear seat back banging against the hold pins..."

Lincoln Navigator

".......I happen to feel the Lincoln Navigator to be the most obscene design currently on the market, making the Aztec a gem by comparison. Mazda Rotary - CUBBR = The early rotary engined Mazdas were horrible and Mazda customer service and warranty policies are a sad joke. How do you tell if your Mazda dealer is lying? His lips are moving.


".........you needed a mechanic in the front seat and a plastic sheet under the car to catch the oil."

Morris Minor

".....my father purchased a Morris Minor in the early sixties. My memories of that car revolve around the fact that every Saturday, we spent our time at the garage, getting the damn thing repaired."

Nash Metropolitan

".....In the words of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons: "Worst car EVER."

Oldsmobile Omega

".....a friend bought one and he said they had to drop the engine to change the plugs. "

Plymouth Volare

".... what a miserable car that was...

"...... where's the Volare, and the late-70's Chryco cars that gave the company its first fling with bankruptcy? The Ricardo Montalban ads for the Volare were a classic, but the cars were gutless, subject to front fender rust-through, and had famously bad ignition."

Pontiac Acadian

".....the Pontiac version of the mighty Chevette. It was lipstick red with a blood red interior......"

Pontiac Astra

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