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AMC Pacer - Although it was a gas guzzler and a rust bucket, the Pacer’s hideous looks were its main calling card.
AMC Pacer - Although it was a gas guzzler and a rust bucket, the Pacer’s hideous looks were its main calling card.

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".....aptly named: 'Désastre' (the French word meaning 'disaster') by French-speaking Canadians who realized after purchasing the vehicle that due to its cast iron engine block and all aluminum cylinder head, that the vehicle would constantly leak oil (whether the engine was hot or cold) due to iron and aluminum's opposite thermal coefficients. The result? At no time was there ever a proper seal between the engine block and cylinder head."

".....My first new car in 1975 and it was a hunk of junk.....Pontiac, I have yet to forgive you! '

Porsche 924

".....a Porsche in panties!"

Renault Dauphin

"........Among other flaws it was excedingly prone to rust. My dad used to carpool to work in the 1960's, and one of the other drivers had a Dauphin, which had a large hole in the floor on the front passenger's side. This allowed my old man to watch the pavement go by inches from his feet as they drove into Ottawa...."

Renault Le Car

".....The car arrived without floor mats, just bare steel. The dealer said it was an option that had to be ordered...."

Singer Gazelle

".... I attempted to drive from Ottawa to BC with a friend in his 1959 Singer Gazelle. We made it as far as Wawa. Had to ditch it there. No spare parts for Singer Gazelles in Wawa. He later owned an AMC Pacer. He was a sucker for weird cars.


".....The seats rocked and there was no defrost capability. I think the seatbelts were also partially detached. But it was cheap....."

Ssangyong Rodius

".....Makes the Pontiac Aztec look very attractive."

Suzuki X-90:

".....ridiculous-looking, disastrous."

Toyota Celica (1974)

"....Japanese cars back then were not what the are now. There isn't much I didn't fix on that car. By the end I didn't drive it anywhere without a toolbox in the trunk."

Toyota Echo

".....looks like a fat lady in too small shoes......"


"......the Trabant is everything that Detroit is trying to do today - made from renewable materials (mostly cotton and alloys), little engine that could move four people and a tent to the Black Sea and back, and if the engine went kaput, you could disassemble it in your living room (as so light and small) and fix it by yourself..... Of course no one cared about initial quality, as you had to wait 15 years to get a new car. God, I don't miss these."

Vauxhall Firenza

"..... manufactured in the early seventies and sold by GM in Canada. Known for doors falling off on the highway and the famous bicycle wires controlling the brakes. The biggest lemon ever!!!!"


"......Since it was not on Western radar like the Lada and the Skoda, the other commie car, the Volga, might have been a runner up. A very clumsy and cramped attempt at a mid-sized western-style sedan. Russians are not short people, on average, but I found it impossible to get my slim six foot self comfortable in the front seat in one of the many Volgas that wound up in Laos for use as private taxis. I couldn't speak about reliability but I might make an educated guess."

Volkswagen Beetle

".....it was the best car in the summer and the worst car in the Canadian winter.... If you didn't gas yourself to death from the gas heater, you would have crashed from the fogged-in windshield. Talk about peep-hole vision."

......had its seats on two sliding rails held by a small latch that could be lifted with one finger and would bend under pressure. In any head on collision the seat would literally derail and the occupants were thrown into the metal dash about 12 inches away. Having the gas tank at the front doubled the risk factor."

These cars all have shoddy engineering, questionable taste, or poor manufacturing quality. Or all of the above.

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