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We've made a few more fixes and improvements to our new Watchlist.

First, many of you asked how certain financial ratios are calculated, so what we've done is add some "hover text" on the column headers for explanations. Now if you see a ratio and you're not sure what it means or you're not sure how we've calculated it, you can hover over the column header to see an explanation.

Here is what it looks like:

When you've finished reading the hover text, move your mouse and the text will go away. If any of the hover text explanations look confusing or you have further questions about the ratios, let us know and we'll try to make it clearer.

Second, we've also added a print button in the top right-hand corner of Watchlist as many of you requested.

Third, many of you also had complained about the experience when you click away from the Watchlist and then use the back button to return to Watchlist. It used to be a frustrating experience because it would take you back to your original Watchlist state, meaning the way it looked when you first opened it.

Now, the back button returns you to the state Watchlist was in when you were last there. In other words, if you last sorted by the dividend yield column, clicked away from Watchlist and then returned by the back button, you'll now find your list still sorted by dividend yield.

Finally, there were complaints about sorting the first column in the Overview, Dividends, Ratios and Earnings views. Some people prefer to sort by company name and others by ticker. Now you can do both. Click on the column header once and it will sort by company name in ascending order, click twice and it will sort by name in descending order. The third click will sort by ticker in ascending order and the four by ticker in descending order.

We still have some work to do to make the Build Your Own View easier to use, including sorting the first column. But that will have to come later.

We hope these improvements are working well -- let us know how they're going by leaving a comment here. We have a few new features coming soon, including alerts so your ongoing feedback is important.

Thanks for all your comments on the new Watchlist the last few weeks.

Scott Adams Executive Editor Report on Business