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Here's a look at some of our best coverage of exchange traded funds, or ETFs, in recent weeks.


  • ETFs after the flash-crash
  • ETFs under the microscope
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  • How to protect yourself from ETF pain
  • Building a solid portfolio foundation to survive a market slide
  • Here's how to use U.S. stocks to diversify
  • Why fund managers are embracing ETFs
  • Capitalizing on a global outlook


  • Preferred-share ETFs feel interest-rate pressure
  • ETF picks for your portfolio
  • Do your homework before dumping mutual funds for ETFs
  • How ETFs fared in the first quarter
  • ETFs for a recovering economy
  • The basics of ETF portfolio building
  • How the bond ETFs measure up
  • Why are ETFs smoking hot?
  • ETF providers have cluttered a pristine landscape
  • Five ETFs that take advantage of dollar parity
  • ETFs that took the lead in the first quarter
  • A dividend ETF to make Buffett proud
  • The unequivocal Mr. Bogle


  • Which gold ETF is for you?
  • Looking for better returns from your funds? Try an ETF
  • ETFs: How do they actually work?
  • ETFs: What could go wrong
  • A rough ride for resource, emerging market ETFs
  • Investor Clinic: What's an MER and why should you care?
  • Active ETFs add a new spin to a low-cost product
  • So many ETFs, so little time
  • Looking for better returns from your funds? Try an ETF


  • ETF picks for your RRSP portfolio
  • Related contentActively managed ETFs: Look before you leap
  • Bears may have the upper hand over the gold bugs
  • Remember the true meaning of fixed income
  • Junk bonds ETFs: not for grandma
  • The ETF building blocks for a solid portfolio
  • Don't suffer the high cost of investing
  • ETFs for the couch-potato investor
  • ETFs for go-getters
  • ETFs can fall short when it comes to small-cap stocks



  • Battle heats up between mutual funds, ETFs : Shirley Won examines the rivalry between stock pickers and index chasers
  • Related contentA stash for cash, or investment vehicle? Use an ETF to diversify your TFSA
  • Having 'the talk' with today's youth : A look at unbiased, useful investor education websites
  • Five ETFs to watch this week from TheStreet.com
  • Five silver and gold bull ETFs: If you believe precious metals are rising, here are five ETFs to keep in mind
  • First Christian ETFs start trading : Is nothing sacred? Denomination-based ETFs
  • Three ETFs to guide you through next year :Think exotic: copper in Chile and coal in China. And think boring: consumer staples, just in case


  • Skot Kortje suggests investors Buy the consumer staples SPDR ETF
  • The bad boys of the ETF world - Rob Carrick points out the characteristics that you don't want to see in an ETF
  • Three ETFs to guide you into the new year
  • The hottest ETFs in Toronto - Number cruncher reveals the top performing ETFs so far this year
  • Divide and prosper - Fabrice Taylor points out that the asset classes you choose matter a lot. The stocks: hardly at all
  • ETFs for Wall St. survivors prosper - The financial sectors has shored up many ETFs. Here's a look at some of them
  • ETF investing: Two strategies - Plus: Two important tips on using these tactics
  • A mutual fund taking ETFs to the masses - Finally, something useful for investors out of the ETF v. mutual fund rivalry


  • Investor Clinic: ETFs pay dividends without single-stock risk - John Heinzl compared two dividend ETFs
  • Rating the top Canadian ETFs - Rob Carrick picks his favourite 10
  • The low-fee fund that leads the pack - Pioneering iShares XIU has given Barclays the tool it needs to dominate exchange-traded funds
  • To invest in China, just know the letters FXI - Learning Chinese as an investor is as simple as remembering the letters FXI
  • Make money on 'innocent bystander' ETFs - Introducing Singapore
  • An ETF Bet for Brazil's Olympics - Consider adding exposure to this growing marketplace
  • Fabrice Taylor's three favorite ETFs
  • ETFs: easy, tax-efficient funds - Gail Bebee's introduction to ETFs for beginners


  • The five best ETFs out there - TheStreet.com's picks
  • Hard-asset ETF boom - How to play commodities
  • Related contentActively managed ETFs: The new mutual funds? - From Investopedia.com
  • ETF firms warn tax plan could cripple industry - Steve Ladurantaye looks at the Canadian landscape
  • The all-in-one investment solution that could be for you - Gail Bebee's suggestions for simple investing
  • Let clueless investors be your signal for opportunity - Avner Mandelman on the dangers of leveraged ETFs
  • Sector ETFs rise to the top of the list - We dig into the year-to-date returns for ETFs listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange
  • How to invest in gold, silver ETFs - There are compelling reasons to gain exposure to gold


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  • Pimco TIPS the competition - TheStreet.com looks at bond ETFs
  • Claymore preferred share ETF gains strength from banks - Skot Kortje highlights this ETF using technical analysis
  • Cut your investing expenses, not returns - Canadian Capitalist blogger Ram Balakrishnan discusses passive investing with our readers
  • In defence of mutual funds - Why Lou Schizas prefers active management for his funds


  • Natural gas ETF versus the real thing
  • Best performing ETFs
  • China sneezes, ETFs catch cold
  • Are ETFs your cup of tea?
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  • Related contentBeware these pricey investing products
  • Related contentHedged gold ETF for TSX
  • BMO's Canada-focused ETFs
  • An ETF for the broad-based investor
  • ETF specializes in real estate
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