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As part of our powerful new investing toolkit, Globe Unlimited subscribers will be able to view more informative, vibrant company profile pages. This new feature will give active investors the ability to conduct more in-depth and intelligent research on a stock in an easier-to-consume format. (Take a video-tour of these new pages with investing columnist Rob Carrick here.)

With breaking news and commentary from The Globe's expert writers, combined with detailed information on company financials, analyst ratings and sophisticated charting tools, you'll be able to quickly access key information for making informed investing decisions.

The pages are rich with graphics that are visually appealing, while explanatory text throughout helps you make sense of complex numbers and calculations.

To see a company page, type in the name of any publicly-traded company into the search box at the top of any Globe and Mail section page. Here are some examples: TD, RBC, Enbridge, Apple, Disney. (Only Globe Unlimited subscribers will be able to see the new pages described here).

Each company page is divided into five intuitive sections:

Today's snapshot: See the most pertinent information on a stock, such as the latest price, the price-to-earnings multiple and market cap, as well as a chart of a company's 52-week range. You'll also find the company' most recent earnings per share, a bar chart showing its profit trends, and the analyst consensus rating and the company's latest score from StockReports+. (Read more on StockReports+ here). We also provide background information on the stock and its executives, among other information.

Today's snapshot is also where you'll find the latest news from the Globe and Mail on the company. If there's no recent news specifically on the company, you'll find news on the sector instead.

Charts and price history:

Here you'll find prices, both current and historical, along with key metrics such as bid/ask prices and trailing price-to-earnings. You'll also find peer analysis, where a company's key financials are compared against others in the same sector.

We also now provide advanced, interactive charting, elevating your ability to visually access a stock, and make it relevant to your investment style. They're fast, easy-to-use and packed with options. Information called 'talking points' helps you interpolate the data in front of you so you can quickly make sense of what's most important.

Events calendar

Here you'll get a summary of key dates for each company, including earnings releases and dividend pay dates.

Opinions and forecasts:

This is where you'll find expert commentary and analysis, plus analyst forecasts and charting on company revenue and earnings, as well as Street target prices.

Company books

Here you'll find the nitty gritty details so you can perform your own analysis without having to leave your portfolio. Never again will you have to search for these reports – we bring them right to you in a clean, easy-to-read format.

Learn more about the new company pages in our detailed company pages user guide(pdf) or download the full Investor Tools user guide(pdf).

Not a Globe Unlimited subscriber? Visit to start your 99-cent trial and start viewing new company pages, using portfolio, screener and our complete investor toolkit today.