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By now, you probably have noticed StockTwits on Globe Investor, to the right of articles on our news pages or at the bottom of our stock quote pages. It's a community of investors who share their trades, ideas, tips, and more -- and their comments are curated so that you only see the ones that pertain to the stocks you are following.

Think of it as a valuable tool in an investor's pocket, helping gauge the latest sentiment on a stock and finding out what has the market talking, in real time. Postings and conversations are often smart, lively, informed and immediate. You can find knowledgeable reactions to corporate announcements moments after they are publicly made. Unlike other chat boards that you may have seen in the past, spammers and promoters are kept out of StockTwits so that real investing ideas can flourish.

There are now more than 150,000 investors, market professionals, and public companies that share information and ideas on StockTwits. Many are successful short-term traders who provide instant commentary on the day's market action. Some will supply links to charts of new technical formations, or to fresh research reports; others will provide links to news articles of interest from across the web.

Late last year, StockTwits added TSX-listed stocks to their streams, opening up a new source of information for Canadian investors.

It's easy to join the conversation by going to You'll be able to join the stream of comments on a specific stock by using a dollar sign before the ticker when submitting a message. For example, $BAC for Bank of America, or $LLL.CA for Lululemon Athletica.

We know that you can get bombarded with information these days, and we hope the StockTwits stream is useful in gathering market intelligence for the stocks that matter to you. As always, we'd like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our website and ways we can make it better for you. Please hit the comments button above and drop us a note, or send us an e-mail at

Darcy Keith

Web Editor, Globe Investor

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