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I had a call this week from a retiree who is a regular user of old-style Stocklist, our earlier portfolio tracking tool for stocks, indexes and commodities. We now offer the much more powerful and customizable Watchlist tool, which he'd like to use but dreaded the idea of re-inputting the many stocks he already is following.

In reality, we made it much easier than that to make the transition - and it can be done in seconds, in one simple click.

Here's how you do it.

First, you need to login. If you haven't already registered for, it will take less than a minute and it means you can access your Watchlist from any computer.

Once you're at the Watchlist screen, click on the button near the top that reads 'Import to / Export a watchlist.'

Pick the stocklist you want to export and hit the import button. Voila! You're done.

If you follow mutual funds with our old-style Fundlist tool, the process for bringing them into Watchlist is exactly the same.

(You can also import a Watchlist from another site, such as Yahoo or Bloomberg. Read more about that here .)

Our user was delighted to hear just how easy it is - and for those still using old-style Stocklists and unfamiliar with making the transition, we're sure you'll find the few moments it takes to be well worth it.

If you have a question on this, or any feature, of our new Watchlist tool, please leave a comment here or e-mail to reach us. You can also visit the Globe Investor Help section for more information about Watchlist and the site.

Darcy Keith

Globe Investor Web Editor