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If you haven't been to the investing section on the Globe's mobile phone site for a while, we've been making several improvements and there are more to come.

We've made it easier to look up stocks, ETFs, funds, indexes, currencies and commodities by adding "live suggest" to the mobile site. This allows you to start typing in a name or a ticker in the quote lookup box and see suggestions for what you might be looking for. Type in "Roy" and you'll get suggestions for Royal Bank and other tickers with "Royal" in the name. This is the same "live suggest" functionality you'll find on our investing website now, but on mobile phones, it should be especially useful.

We've also started providing charts for stocks and indexes on the mobile site. On a touch phone you can swipe through the charts with your finger . On a keyboard-only BlackBerry just tap "next" to get to the next chart. You can get intraday, six-month, one-year, five-year and 10-year charts.

We've also added more market data for stocks and indexes. You now can get the full array of yield, bid, ask, daily high and low, market cap, open, close, 52-week high and low and volume data. We'll be adding more soon. The market data for indexes are real time, while stocks and ETF prices are delayed 15 minutes.

We're busy making further improvements to the investing section on our mobile site. With all this on the go, it is a great time to tell us what else you would like to see and what else would make Globe Investor work even better for you on the go -- send an email to with your suggestions, or just let us know in the comments on this editor blog post.

Gordon Edall

Manager, Mobile Media

The Globe and Mail

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