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You've been asking about it and here it is -- the Globe Investor BlackBerry app. You can download it free, now.

On the heels of our award-winning iPhone app, the new BlackBerry app delivers your Watchlist, Canada's most authoritative business news and investing advice, as well as a full range of market data. Take a tour: The Globe Investor BlackBerry app: Five cool features

It seamlessly synchronizes the Watchlist on your computer with your BlackBerry and lets you track securities on the go.

You can customize how you view your Watchlist on your BlackBerry -- you can see any one of the three asset classes (Stocks & ETFs, Commodities & Currencies, or Funds & Indexes) or you can view everything. You can also customize the Stocks view by adding two data columns of your choice, and you can add and remove securities.

The markets tab provides a quick summary of all the major North American indexes. You also have the option to view summary information on major industries.

The quotes pages provide a wealth of information at your fingertips -- from basic data to charts to latest news and other financial information.

The app also gives users award-winning, world-class editorial content by the Globe about the economy, business and investing.

The app also features a live-suggest function to make searches quick and easy.

We're excited about it! Tell us what you think. Drop us a line at

Sonali Verma

Digital Editor, Report on Business.