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Question marks on blue gradient (© 2010 Photos.com, a division of Getty Images. All rights reserved.)
Question marks on blue gradient (© 2010 Photos.com, a division of Getty Images. All rights reserved.)

Earlier discussion

Got a question on Watchlist? Add to ...

9:19 Sonali Verma: Thanks for that. We've heard that before and have figured out that some of the information is not reaching our Watchlists. We're working on fixing it.

9:20 [Comment From GCS: ]

When will you be adding a condensed simple print option, like the old stock list, which doesn't take more than 2 pages to print 50 stocks etc.

9:22 Sonali Verma: If you want to be able to print from the browser, rest assured that our team is working on getting an easily printable condensed Watchlist. You'll probably be able to do it in a few months.

In the meantime, you could export your Watchlist in CSV format to an Excel spreadsheet and print it from there. You can customize that data you want printed there.

9:23 [Comment From jana hafez: ]

O.K. I never registered, because I never had to with the old stocklist. I tell you, I will miss it (the old stocklist). Has all the info I need. One more question: I invest in US companies, too, but when I need more info (e.g. company profile, I have to go to Yahoo or Nasdaq, sometimes.

9:25 Sonali Verma: Hello again! I'm sure you already know this, but just in case you don't, you can click on the name of a stock in your Watchlist and pull up all kinds of detailed information on the company.

Watchlist tip #6: How to dive into more research

9:26 [Comment From jana hafez: ]

sorry, one more thing... G & M does not bring all the info on US/Int'l companies. Have to use Yahoo. Why's that?

9:27 Sonali Verma: We're exploring our options on getting more information on international companies. Thanks for letting us know that you're interested in it -- that's a great way to help us figure out what our readers and Watchlist users want.

9:34 Sonali Verma: This comment was left by a reader on our article page:

A couple questions:

- will there be an easy way to move companies from one list to another ?

- there appears to be a problem with some dividend yield values not showing in the list when there is indeed a dividend.

9:35 Sonali Verma: There is an easy way to import stocks to your Watchlist from your old Stocklist.

Watchlist tip #2: How to import and export

9:36 Sonali Verma: If you want to move them from one Watchlist to another, we're working on different options to ensure that it is a smooth process. We have a few ideas that we are trying and hope to have a solution for you in a couple of months.

9:37 Sonali Verma: We're aware of the dividend yield problem and are working on fixing the calculations.

9:37 [Comment From Brian: ]

I see how to add to my Watchlist but I can't see where I can delete a stock that I no longer want to track.

9:38 Sonali Verma: Hi, Brian! The last column in your Watchlist has grey xs. If you click on the grey x for the stock that you want to delete, that will get rid of it.

9:47 [Comment From Guest: ]

How can I put the original amount/shares in so I can track YTD

9:49 Sonali Verma: You can input the number of shares. Use the My Shares view and go to the Shares column. Click on the +Add Shares link to put in the number of shares.

9:51 Sonali Verma: That will track only today's change in price.

If you want the YTD change, you can go to the new Per Cent Performance view. There is a YTD column there.

Also, if you want your information all in one place, you can go to the Build Your Own view and customize your Watchlist to track several variables of your choice.

9:52 [Comment From Guest ]

1) I would like "Ticker" and "Company" also customized;

9:52 Sonali Verma: Thanks for that -- I'll pass it along for our team to review.

9:52 [Comment From Guest: ]

Thanks Sonali, is there a way to track from inception ie from the initial transaction so I can tell the actual performance

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