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It's that time of year when many of us are thinking seriously about our investments: The stock market is up, the RRSP deadline is fast approaching, and the tax-filing deadline is not far behind. We have readers asking us: Is it time to get into equities -- or is it better to wait? What kind of RRSP investment is the best fit? What about TFSAs? Is it okay to borrow for RRSP investing?

With that in mind, the Report on Business has expanded its investing coverage for what we've been calling Money Month.

- We've added another page to our Globe Investor section in the newspaper on Saturdays, where our columnists examine investment options.

- We've also been running a special online series of articles and videos on retirement planning and RRSPs at A financial adviser will be answering one RRSP reader question a week. Also coming up this month, we'll have videos on RRSPs especially aimed at seniors, young adults, the self-employed and those with mortgages.

- On Wednesday, we'll produce a special section featuring Canada's top mutual funds in various sectors:

- Managing money can be hard. We'll have a series of videos looking at people who go to great lengths to save money, including one woman who is a self-proclaimed ''extreme contester." We also have a video feature looking at what goes into a $100,000 wedding.

This is in addition to our Strategy Lab section, which follows four different types of portfolios; our popular Inside the Market blog, which keeps track of market trends; and our Number Cruncher series, where our columnists dig out the best (and worst) stocks in different sectors; and our Investor Education section, which helps newer investors get comfortable. Our immensely popular Watchlist tool helps you keep track of investments. And if you're trying to make a call on your portfolio, or on whether to rent or buy a house, or on buying a car, try our calculators.

We'd also like to hear from you. What would you like to see more of ? What do you need more information on? Let us know so that you can shape our investing coverage. Use the form below or e-mail us at We'd like to know what you're thinking.

Derek DeCloet


Report on Business.