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A preview of the next generation pages we're building around financial data. Have a suggestion, leave us a note in the comments or email

The income statement offers insight into the key measure of a company’s financial strength – how much money it earns and how consistently it earns. It’s important that revenues and margins are growing, so we’ve designed the page to let you easily scan quarterly or annual data. You can drill down and investigate how different costs have impacted earnings.

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With the cash flow page we want to show you exactly how the company generates cash and what they use it for. Do they invest in their business, pay down debt, or pay dividends back to you? Or worse, you can find companies with negative cash flow that may need to raise equity and debt or sell off assets.

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The ratios page is for the armchair analyst. All of the ratios you need to take control of your investing decisions. You can compare how the company compares against its industry, sector and competitive benchmarks.

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