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First, I'd like to thank everyone who has left a comment on the Editor's Blog here over the past two weeks or written us at

Last night, we fixed a few of the larger bugs and made several improvents to Watchlist. We couldn't have done it without the valuable feedback from everyone.

Here is what we got done:

  • Auto refresh set at every 2.5 minutes Prices were not updating after you opened Watchlist, but that has now been fixed. All prices, ratios, charts and news should now update about every two minutes and thirty seconds. We want to continue to reduce that time, but we need to keep fine tuning our systems so that they can handle that.
  • Auto log in When you log in into, you can now click "Keep me logged in" and it should work. That means you should be able to use Watchlist or leave comments on articles without having to log in every time.
  • Decimal places Stock prices are shown to three decimal places when needed. If you don't see one, even for a penny stock, that's because it is trading at an even second decimal place.
  • Spacing We reduced white space in the rows a bit to get more rows on the screen.
  • Dividends We fixed calculations for dividend growth and operating margin numbers on some stocks.
  • Time News now has an AM and PM on the time stamp.
  • Bug stomped There was a bug with deleting and then re-adding the same stock. That is fixed.

We're already working on more improvements and a new feature, though you won't see them until the new year.

As usual, we're constantly looking for feedback on how Watchlist is working for you. Leave a comment here or email us at

Scott Adams Executive Editor Report on Business