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Four months ago we launched our new Watchlist tool, setting out to continually improve upon it until it is the best one in the market hands down.

We've been listening to feedback constantly, gathering ideas on improvements and new features, and we've made a lot of progress.

If you haven't tried it yet, Watchlist is a tool that allows you to easily track stocks, funds, ETFs, commodities and indexes in one place. It is designed for both the novice investor and the advanced ones.

You can create as many lists of stocks, mutual funds and other items as you like and all your lists are saved to your registration so that you can see and make changes to your Watchlist on any computer anywhere.

The new Watchlist allows you to view recent price changes, news, ratios, dividend information, and earnings information.

It also has a Build Your Own feature that allows you to customize a screen view from about 60 different data choices.

If you haven't tried Watchlist recently, here is what we've been up to in making it better.

- A new My Shares view that allows you to enter how many shares you own of a stock or ETF and see daily gains and losses. The My Shares feature also allows you to quickly see how much money you've gained or lost across all your investments.

- A new hover text feature. By hovering your mouse over a financial term you can quickly see what the term means and how we calculate it.

- Flags so that you can quickly see latest news and sort your lists of stocks by latest news.

Other improvements:

- Faster load times, faster auto refresh for up-to-date data on all prices and ratios, a print button, improved column sorting, improved usability in Explorer and all browsers and many other improvements that readers helped us discover.

The next feature we're working on is alerts for stocks and other items in your Watchlist. We're also busy working on new mobile features, so stay tuned.

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Scott Adams

Executive Editor

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