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Douglas Allen

More and more of you are using Watchlist every day. It's exciting for our team that so many people are giving it a try and sending us lots of suggestions. We couldn't have done it without the valuable feedback from everyone.

We're working on some of the most popular requests. Last night we made some improvements:

  • Display 50 stocks at a time If you're using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you were limited to viewing a maximum of 30 stocks at a time to keep load times quick. We've found a way to speed things up and display 50 stocks in a single page at the same time. That's the same as how things worked in the old Stocklist and means less clicking for you.
  • Improved load times For those of you using Internet Explorer 8, and that's a lot of you, we've been able to cut the time it takes for your Watchlist to load on your screen in half.
  • Adding funds We fixed a bug that added the wrong fund to the fund section.
  • Getting out of the All News view Some Mac users on Safari couldn't get back to Overview after visiting the All News view. This is fixed. It's the machine setup I use, so I really like this fix!

We're not just busy squashing bugs. Our team is working on a simple portfolio feature called My Shares that lets you track the value of the equities you own.

Your feedback is always welcome about these changes and how Watchlist is working for you. Leave a comment here or email us at

Pierre Javad Digital Product Manager