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For 50 years, Report on Business has been covering the people and events that shape Canadian business. Today, we've published a special report highlighting some of the key moments in our coverage and our history, including a look back at the biggest business stories since our launch in 1962.

We're not the only ones who have been poring over Canadian business news, however. Our readers have been with us every step of the way, some from the very beginning.

Earlier this week, we asked for readers to send in their own stories about how long they have read Report on Business and how our coverage has influenced them. Here's a sampling of what they had to say.

"There isn't a day that goes by that I do not check in on the ROB, usually a few times a day. Even though I retired two years ago I still cannot break the habit, most probably because I don't want to. The ROB has always been my first source for quality business news and information. Thank you ROB!

Dale Palmer, Kelowna, B.C., ROB reader since 1969

"I made a conscious decision to read the Report on Business daily as a 21 year old, front to back, to force myself to learn more of the subtle nuances of business and finance that a University classroom or textbook could never teach. Upon leaving university, I was better able to speak the language of business and finance better than most of my peers. I have continued to read Report on Business to help me in my career. I learn about business trends and issues, as well as get tips on finance, managing, and marketing from this paper. Report on Business is the first section I look at in the morning, and is the last section I look at before bed."

Daniel Rasokas, Tillsonburg, Ont., ROB reader for 13 years

"ROB was Canada's de facto 'business and investment newspaper of record,' a bit stodgy and grey perhaps, but always dependable and a constant source of conversation starters for my father and other business people in Toronto during the 1970s and 1980s: 'Did you see the Globe/ROB piece this morning…' was an opening question that could launch us into a two-martini lunch. ROB aided and abetted my very long and close relationship with my father; he didn't have a large emotional vocabulary but he did know about business, finance and investing. We communicated mostly on those terms and we were never without something to talk about thanks in part to what the ROB had reported that morning or ROB-TV had disclosed that afternoon. I think ROB deserves to pat itself on the back for its 50 years of continuous and commendable service to the Canadian business and investment community. And thanks also to all the editors and reporters over the years for giving my dad and me something to share and talk about every day."

Jim Dingwall, Gibsons, B.C., ROB reader for over 40 years

"ROB has helped me get ready for retirement by presenting comprehensive insight on markets, business and the economy generally. I have become addicted to my morning dose, and as my wife and I proceed in our business exit plan to actually retire, I will continue to have Globeinvestor as my home page. The stockwatch list is my bible."

Patrick Wieshlow, Ottawa, ROB reader for 10 years

"In my economic classes it was mandatory reading. Every student had their own copy which we read, analyzed and discussed together. My job was to try and incorporate the macroeconomic theories of the textbooks to the events of the day. The ROB was glue. I know that many of the students developed their ROB love at that time. Many went on to a very successful career in business and finance, most still clutching their daily ROB. And when we meet today (and that happens a lot), we still talk about those days. Me, although retired for 12 years, I still start every day with my ROB. But now, it is delivered via my Kindle."

Greg Lang

In 1962, I was 14 years old, and when the ROB arrived at our home three days a week my mother would calculate her stock and bond holdings thanks to the ROB. I have been reading the ROB daily since I graduated from college in May, 1971. It's an excellent publication and sometimes I think I'm addicted to the ROB but I also think it's a healthy addiction to have.

David McCart, Kingston, Ont., ROB reader for over 40 years

"I used to search for articles by Wilfred List to get a handle on labour relations/troubles across the nation. Only the Globe Business cared about the Canadian workers."

Bill Lee, Vancouver, ROB reader for 50 years

"After reading an article on stocks tips maybe 10 years ago – the journalist was recommending Prudential Steel as a good takeover candidate – I bought 500 shares and four months later the company was taken over by a U.S. firm. Since that day, your paper is the only one I read. I have purchased several stocks which were advertised and was well rewarded for it."

Jean, Ottawa, ROB reader for 10 years

"As a teenager, Dad always read the front page, I read ROB, and then we would switch. ROB primed me subconsciously and still does. I read almost everything and digest all for an end result of an excellent and successful business acumen."

David Robertson, Inglewood, Ont., ROB reader for 35 years

"I make all or most of my investment decisions based on what I read in Report On Business. I find the information there worth the price of the entire paper. In my opinion there is no other publication that comes close to having the detailed content available in Report on Business."

Lynn Ryan, Harrow, Ont., ROB reader for 25 years

"I appreciate the articles relevant to my personal life. For example, I'll read anything written by Rob Carrick: his articles are relevant, interesting, and presented in plain language (without dumbing it down too much). And my Saturday would not be the same without reading the Financial Facelift. Keep up the great work!"

Joanna Ranieri, Toronto, ROB reader for 10 years

"I read it every day even when out of the country which is generally every winter. I also use Globe Investor for portfolio tracking and fund and ETF selecting. Keep up the good work."

Fred Cooper, Sarnia, Ont.

"My best source of information about major retailers in Canada is from Marina Strauss. She rules!"

Glen Greenwood, Toronto, ROB reader for over 30 years

"It has educated me on financial management and given me a sound knowledge upon which to make financial decisions. I have often used articles to assist in educating our children in financial matters. Maybe the biggest effect would be it helped me avoid costly mistakes. My partner and I have never had much money so the importance of good decisions cannot be over emphasized."

David Bird, Fernie, B.C., ROB reader for over 25 years

"ROB is my starting point of getting a handle on how the business world has 'moved' overnight. I now review several other papers and other media on the web, but I still get the ROB in print."

John Campbell, Ennismore, Ont., ROB reader for 40 years

"I am mostly interested in personal investing. In this regard, ROB is excellent! The stock watchlist program is also very useful! Keep up the good work of educating the public about personal finances and investing!"

Paul Harrison, Vancouver, ROB reader for 15 years

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