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We're highlighting some of the best features of our website with Globe Investor Tips. Find more tips at

You may not be aware that Globe Investor has a blog run by our online editors to keep readers informed of important updates to

Whether it's a new feature or a service update, you'll find out at the Globe Investor Blog. In the top right corner of the blog's homepage, you'll notice a link that allows you to subscribe to the blog's RSS, so you'll be alerted when new articles are posted.

Some recent posts have included details of our iPhone app update and the launch of our new Streetwise and ROB Insight newsletter.

The blog is also a good source of tips for the different tools and features of Below the RSS link, there's an archive menu that allows you to browse through blog entries all the way back to 2009.

Down the right-hand column, you'll find contact information for some of the editors who work at If you have a question about the site, feel free to contact one of our editors directly or email our wider-distribution list at, and our staff will answer your questions as soon as they can.

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