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A podium on a stage. (Photos.com/Getty Images)
A podium on a stage. (Photos.com/Getty Images)

The Great Debate

Welcome to the Great Debate on household debt Add to ...

Welcome to the Great Debate. Each month, Globe Investor will invite two experts to debate one of the big questions facing the business and investing world.

On Day 1, our debaters present their opening statements. On Day 2, the debaters rebut each other's arguments. Day 3 features final rebuttals by the debaters.

On Day 5, the debaters face off in a live online discussion. Readers are invited to join in the debate, or send questions in advance to businesscommunity@globeandmail.com.

Readers will have a chance to vote at any time for the most convincing argument. A winner will be declared on Day 5.

This month, we look at Canadian household debt levels.

On Monday, our debaters will present their opening arguments for and against the motion: Canada's household debt is a major threat to our economy.

Have an idea for our next Great Debate? Send it to businesscommunity@globeandmail.com.

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