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Big job cuts, better steak cuts Add to ...

If you're keeping track of some of the upsides to the economic recession (good deals on cars, cleaner air, less congestion), add this one to the list: better steaks.

The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating story (no subscription required) about how high-end steak houses used to snap up most of the best steaks in the country, leaving consumers gnawing on substandard steaks at home. Now, though, with steak-house dinners becoming a rarer luxury amid cutback in expense accounts, the best steaks are finding their way into stores, and selling at affordable prices.

The Journal reports: "Two years ago, the only way most home cooks could get their hands on beef varieties such as USDA prime was to buy them in a gourmet store or by mail order, which could be as expensive as a steak-house dinner. But now, not only is steak-house-quality beef easier to find; in many cases, it is selling for little more than standard supermarket meat."

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