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Inside the Market's weekend roundup of some of last week's best investing reads on the Internet, which are highlighted every morning in our premarket report.

Market signals

The "greedometer" indicator - with its strong track record of predicting big market pullbacks - is flashing red.

But these two technical indicators suggest reports of the bull market's imminent demise may be premature. And a careful review of historical data suggests that the bull market would still have a long way to go if and when the Dow reaches a new all-time high.

How global stock markets have performed so far this year. Canada's return, you'll see, isn't much to celebrate.

Hedge funds are fleeing U.S. retailers.

Bond managers are fretting that the junk bond market rally is finally losing steam.

The gurus

Pimco's Bill Gross says we should expect lower returns from both bonds and stocks.

George Soros's latest stock picks.


So what works better: buying near 52-week lows or buying at 52-week highs? History points to a clear answer.

Top lies investors tell themselves.

Strategies for bond investors in the low interest rate environment. While targeted at Americans, a lot of these tips can apply to Canadians as well.

Why estimating long-term future stock returns should never be counted on when considering portfolio allocation.

Three principles of diligent contrarians.


Bloomberg magazine reports in this month's addition about how the Canadian economy, led by the real estate sector, is on the verge of some big problems.

What the 'unofficial' numbers say about China's economy.

A housing boom is forming in Phoenix, the city where many Canadians shopped for bargain-basement real estate in recent years.

Five reasons not to worry about the dreaded sequester - ie spending cuts - in the U.S.