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A bottle of Coca-Cola is shown in this photo illustration in Encinitas, California October 10, 2013.Reuters

Inside the Market's weekend roundup of some of last week's best investing reads on the Internet, which are highlighted every morning in our Before the Bell report.

Stock picks

A unique dataset has concluded that there are plenty of high-quality, dividend-paying U.S. blue-chip stocks that are not overvalued.

Three stocks Warren Buffett and insiders love.

10 U.S. stocks that could benefit from the World Cup.

For long-term investors, Russian stocks may be a cheap buy right now.


Canada has its first online service that allows you to build an ETF portfolio maintained by a computer.


Investor sentiment has spiked to the highest level of 2014. But here's why you should take market sentiment surveys with a grain of salt.

Coffee prices are coming down dramatically.


How to estimate stock and bond returns.

Putting 100 per cent of your portfolio in stocks, instead of a 60/40 mix with bonds, really doesn't produce much extra in long-term returns.

The problem with market timing.

Why investors are flocking to emerging market dollar-denominated debt.

How to spot a value trap.

Why is calling a market top so hard? And check out: Why bull market tops are more difficult to call than bear market bottoms.

The VIX is not a great way to measure complacency.

On the limitations of using valuation metrics.

How stocks are both cheap and expensive.


Never invest with a hedge fund manager going through a divorce.

Carl Icahn's influence in the corporate world is greater than you think.