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bnn market call

Rick Rule.

Rick Rule is chairman of Sprott US Holdings. His focus is resource stocks.

Investment ideas:

1. Lydian International Ltd.

2. Ivanplats Limited

3. Belo Sun Mining Corp.

Past investment ideas: March 06, 2012

Altius Minerals Corp.

Then: $11.95

Now: $11.41

Total return: –4.52 per cent

Eurasian Minerals Inc.

Then: $2.52

Now: $1.96

Total return: –22.22 per cent

Lydian International (LYD TSX)

Then: $2.59

Now: $1.62

Total return: –37.45 per cent

Total return average: –21.40 per cent

Market outlook:

We see the current market as experiencing a cyclical decline in a secular resource bull market. We believe precious-metals markets, particularly platinum group metals (PGM), to do well over the two-year and one-year horizons.

We believe resource equity markets, particularly the junior markets that we focus on, to be in a watershed year. We anticipate a wave of capitulation selling in the junior market, followed by a bifurcating market with 60 per cent of listings continuing lower, toward extinction (circa 1992), while the best 20 per cent flatten out and head higher. We are seeing better valuations than we saw at the market bottoms in 1993 and 2001.

The industry has an acute need for capital which will go partially unmet due to dealer and retail capitulation and institutional redemptions. In the next two years, we anticipate the best financing opportunities in our history. In terms of sectors, we are particularly attracted to PGMs due to an amazing looming supply-demand imbalance and uranium's currently over-sold condition.