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Michael Smedley is chief portfolio manager at Morgan Meighen & Associates. His focus is on Canadian equities.

Top Picks

Middleby Corp.

"A smallish cap U.S. company that is supplier of kitchen appliances to two-thirds of the world's major restaurant chains and has a 'greenish' disposition with grills that function without canopies for fumes collection, and sealed ovens that use catalytic converters to eat up the fumes."

Foran Mining Corp.

"A barely known VMS multi-metal deposit 60 kilometres west of Flin Flon, Man., high grades, strong backers and last probed by Cameco in the early nineties."

Research In Motion Ltd.

"A high risk long shot that should at least ratchet itself up slowly after an extraordinarily luckless year of miss hits, mistakes and misunderstandings – all ongoing, though the stock might now be off the bottom."

Past Picks: Feb. 1, 2011

Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp.

Then: $34.43 Now: $21.98

Total return: -35.1%

Glentel Inc.

2-for-1 stock split, May 16, 2011

Then: $28.65 Now: $19.33

Total return: +38.6%

Great Western Minerals Group

Then: 93¢ Now: 58¢

Total return: -37.6%


"The New Year should continue to be dominated by sudden sharp corrections and revivals, buyouts, great individual stock plays and the stress of low interest rates, high costs and lots of political and military disturbances old and new raging across the world.

"Markets might finish the year much the same but the Canadian resources cycle should stay intact."

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Compiled by Franklin Cameron/BNN Market Call Tonight