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A trader checks monitors at a bank, in Milan, Italy, Monday, Aug. 8, 2011. (Antonio Calanni/AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)
A trader checks monitors at a bank, in Milan, Italy, Monday, Aug. 8, 2011. (Antonio Calanni/AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)


How to make your portfolio work in volatile markets Add to ...

I would never say "sell everything". The world is too unpredictable. I advocate tactical redeployment of assets. In other words, if you are overweight in stocks and underweight in bonds, fix that.

11:24 [Comment From Fred]

Both the US index and the International index seem to have been bumping along for the last 10+ years, with zero return after all that time. Just what exactly is a reasonable investment horizon when investing in stock market index funds? 20 years? 30 years?

11:25 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Your guess is as good as mine. The long-term trend is up but in the long term none of us will be here. That's why I am not a big fan of index funds.

11:25 [Comment From bob]

what is a good gold or silver ETF to invest in and is it a good time to do so

11:27 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

sorry lost connection for a sec. Most popular gold ETF is GLD, traded on NYSE

11:27 [Comment From Barry]

You've mentioned gold a few times. I know traditionally it's a safe bet, but how much higher can it get? Isn't it already artificially inflated?

11:28 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Had lunch yesterday with a gold fund manager. He said $10,000 an ounce is feasible if governments decide to inflate out of this mess. He's biased of course but the fact is that demand is way outstripping supply right now

11:28 [Comment From Pete]

Why didn't gold go up more than it did yesterday?

11:29 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Can't answer that - who knows?

11:29 [Comment From Ben]

Do you think Fed's comments (or lack thereof) will have much sway this afternoon...and will it be "real" or short term reflex?

11:30 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

I hope the Fed will come out with some kind of decisive statement but I cannot for the life of me think of what they might say to calm things, except perhaps that they too will buy Italian and Spanish bonds

11:31 [Comment From Ron W]

Wife has 70k sitting in cash in RRSP, won't need funds for 30+yrs, risk is fine. 80% XIU, 20% bond index etf?

11:31 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

It's not what I would do - as I said earlier, I don't like index funds, especially in these conditions

11:32 [Comment From Guest]

do you advise moving funds from equity mutual funds to bond funds or is it better now to wait it out now.

11:33 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

I always advise having an asset mix that makes you comfortable and that won't send you climbing the wall when meltdowns happen. If you don't have that now, you need to work towards it

11:33 [Comment From john Muston]

is inappropriate to cash out RRSPs and buy back in when the market recovers, given that, this am not withstanding, the markets won't recover any time soon?

11:34 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Cash out? Like withdraw the money and pay tax? No. You can make adjustments within the portfolio - add some bond funds and perhaps a bullion fund like BMG BullionFund

11:34 [Comment From Maureen ]

I am sitting in bank stocks in my TFSA. Would you recommend to hold or to switch over to short term bonds or gold?

11:35 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Our banks are solid but if the overall market decline resumes they will be hit. However, the dividends are good so my inclination would be to hold

11:36 [Comment From Dan P ]

I want to get at least 7-8% long term return. Do you think short term bond funds can get me there?

11:37 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Absolutely not. You would have to invest in equities or equity funds. But ask yourself this - how long will it take to average that return if you lose a big chunk now?

11:38 [Comment From Bryce ]

What is your opionion on purchasing a (non-foreclosure) property in florida rather than investing in the market?

11:38 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Well, we owned a place for years and loved it. Good values right now too - in fact, ours is on the market if you're interested.

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