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A trader checks monitors at a bank, in Milan, Italy, Monday, Aug. 8, 2011. (Antonio Calanni/AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)
A trader checks monitors at a bank, in Milan, Italy, Monday, Aug. 8, 2011. (Antonio Calanni/AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)


How to make your portfolio work in volatile markets Add to ...

I think you should have put a much larger percentage in fixed income securities. You should talk to a financial advisor about the right asset mix for your age

11:52 [Comment From George]

What do you know about CareVest as an investment? the long term and short term results seem too good to be true.

11:52 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Can't comment, don't know it

11:53 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

would add if it seems too good to be trrue probably is

11:53 Chantaie ROB web editor - Mr. Pape. Given the volatile markets what do you think ivestors should be focused on in order to manage risk to their overall porfolios? Switching over to gold or other safe havens or riding out the current downturn?

11:55 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

I am not a big believer in doing nothing unless you were properly prepared going in and have a portfolio that you are very comfortable with. Remember that the crash of 08-09 took many months to unfold. If you are not happy with where you are now, make changes. If you are content, then ride it out

11:56 [Comment From Bonnie P]

I'm new to investing and the recent market makes me want to hide my money under the mattress. What would the safest investment be for me?

11:56 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Well under the mattress may not be bad for now if you have a good security system. Seriously, a high interest savings account and some short-term bond funds would work for the time being

11:57 [Comment From Guest]

You've mentioned fixed income assets several times in response to questions - what does this asset class include?

11:58 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Bonds, GICs, debentures. Anything with a fixed interest rate and a maturity date. Bond funds and ETFs technically don't qualify but the securities they hold do

11:59 [Comment From Bobblehead]

Will everything be okay? Or is the sky really falling? I'm in my early thirties and feel as though saving for retirement is going to be impossible.

12:00 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Well the sky hasn't fallen yet. I think things will be tough for a while, perhaps a couple of years, but we have lived through hard times in the past. You're young and there will be plenty of brighter days ahead

12:00 Chantaie ROB web editor - Those are all the questions we have time for. Thanks for taking the time to answer so many today, Mr Pape. Sorry we didn't have time to get to everyone's questions, there were quite a few. Any last words, Mr. Pape?

12:01 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Only to thank everyone and to say that staying calm does not necessarily mean doing nothing. It means acting rationally and preparing for what may be a difficult period. By the way, I hope I am wrong about that

12:02 Chantaie ROB web editor - Thanks again. And thank you everyone who participated.

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