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The fly

The foul-mouthed investing wisdom of the iBankCoin blog has triumphed once again.

Presented with a list of 24 favourite blogs chosen by Globe journalists and others, visitors to made iBankCoin their top choice for a second straight year. Million Dollar Journey, a wide-ranging personal finance blog took second place. Squawkfox , which describes itself as a "lifestyle blog on a budget" took third spot.

The iBankCoin website is home to nine bloggers, but the king of the site is The Fly, a source of reliably rude but smart investing commentary and musings. Warning: the easily offended should steer clear of The Fly and pretty much everything else on this blog.

Rounding out the Top Five list of favourites was a blog written by the people at Wellington Financial , a venture capital firm, and, which is written by Preet Banerjee, an ex-investment adviser who offers lots of good insider stuff on how the financial industry works.

Contributing to the list of favourite blogs that readers voted on were Howard Lindzon, a Canadian portfolio manager at Lindzon Capital Partners in Phoenix; Ram Balakrishnan, an Ottawa engineer and the man behind the Canadian Capitalist personal finance blog; and, Chaya Cooperberg, who works in investor relations and writes the Home Cents blog for Globe Investor. The Globe contributors were myself, the Globe's personal finance columnist; Andrew Willis and Boyd Erman, who write the Streetwise blog; and, David Berman, who writes Globe Investor's Market Blog. You can read the original story and poll to find out more about our panelists.

Close to 2,500 votes were cast and readers were allowed to vote for as many as five blogs. The least favourite blog of Globe readers: Stocks to Watch Today, which appears on the Barron's website.

The money blog poll: full results

Readers were asked to vote for their favorites among the world's top money and personal finance bloggers. Each user was allowed to vote for a maximum of five blogs.

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