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A $200 plunge in the price of gold over two days in April heightened fears that more miners will be forced to write down the value of their reserves.SEAN KILPATRICK/The Canadian Press

Evidence is growing that the recent downturn in the Canadian materials sector - especially precious metals - has reached its conclusion, points out Dave Harder, analyst with the technical analysis firm Phases & Cycles.

A "double-bottom" - where prices fall, then rise only to dip for a second time - may have formed in gold, silver and precious metals stocks. That tends to foreshadow a more stable recovery where selling has been exhausted.

And there was another recent clear signal that the bear market for gold and precious metal stocks may have ended: the share prices of Silver Wheaton Corp. and Barrick Gold Corp saw little selling pressure on recent bearish news of a major mine suspension.

Mr. Harder details all this, along with some charts, in this PDF report that Phases & Cycles has given us permission to re-publish in its entirety.

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