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StockReports+ is a Thomson Reuters service that helps investors pick equities by simplifying the process of evaluating stocks, finding new trading ideas, and understanding trends affecting markets and industries.

Shares in Rogers Communications Inc. last month plummeted after the Globe and Mail reported that Verizon may enter the wireless sector in Canada. The huge U.S. telecom would be a formidable new rival that threatens the profitability of Rogers' cellular business, as well as that of other incumbent carriers.

But some think the selloff was overdone, especially given it's still uncertain whether Verizon will actually set up shop to the north. This report provides a detailed analysis that investors may want to review before buying or selling the stock.

StockReport+ gives each stock an average score that combines the quantitative analysis of six widely-used investment decision-making tools: earnings, fundamentals, relative valuation, risk, price momentum and insider trading. Rogers' average score is 8 out of 10 – which places it among the top quartile of stocks that are scored. Read more in this comprehensive report.

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