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Talk to a top-ranked stock picker Add to ...

12:46 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

Ryan Air is just one example of a name we like.

12:46 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

In the Low Cost Carrier universe that is.

12:46 [Comment From Guest ]/b>

Are there any sectors or companies that you are bearish on right now?

12:48 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

Great question. Not specifically, no. Our general underlying macro assumptions are that we will continue to experience healthy (albeit slowing) global growth, which tends to benefit most of the core sectors we cover here at Raymond James. The one caveat, would be US defense spending, which despite sustained levels at the moment, has the potential to fall vicitim to sharp cutbacks

12:49 Darcy Keith - We have a few questions regarding your outlook on uranium. I'm not sure that's something you normally cover - but perhaps you have some general comments on the whole nuclear arena?

12:51 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

My colleague Bart Jaworski covers the Uranium sector here at RJ. There is no question that the whole 'nuclear renaissance' ha been called into question in light of the recent catastrophe in Japan; however, our internal view is that nuclear power will continue to be a necessity going forward.

12:52 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

As just one anectodal example, China is currently suffering rolling brown outs due to a lack of electricity generation.

12:52 [Comment From bonstar ]/b>

What is the best way to invest in the limited number of potash producers out there? Are there any lower cost alternatives for investors not comfortable with trading options?

12:53 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

The easiest, low-cost way for investors to play the Ag sector is via Ag-specific ETFS. In Canada MOO is just one example, which is heavily influenced by the likes of Potash Corp and Agrium

12:53 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

Sorry, COW is symbol. MOO is its US equivalent

12:54 [Comment From Rob The Unhedged ]/b>

ON a different note what do you think of Electrovaya and the electirc car market in general?

12:54 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

There are also a number of other more specific commodity focussed ETFs that allow investors to gain exposure to a basket of corn, wheat, sugar, etc.

12:55 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

Unfortunately, clean tech is not one of my focus areas (covered by my colleague Stephen Li). I will say, however, that we cover names such as Azure Dynamics, which we are positive on that continue to demonstrate very attractive growth prospects.

12:56 [Comment From ianik tousignant ]/b>

What is the corelation between potash and petroleum price?

12:56 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

In a high fuel price environment, it is difficult to imagine electric vehicles not succeeding. The challenge, of course, is picking the winning technology.....(not easy).

12:57 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

It depends.....is the short answer. In certain periods of the cycle it can be quite tight, in others less so.

12:58 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

More recently, of course, the entire commodity universe has benefitted from the massive inflows of monetary stimulus facilitated by the US Fed.

12:59 Darcy Keith - I'm afraid we're just about out of time for today. To wrap up Steve, I was wondering if you could outline some of your very top picks in the sectors that you cover - and if you have any further points to make for our audience.

12:59 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

There are better correlations to the Ag specific commodities (the softs) in general, but these too have also been heavily influenced by the large run in oil of late.

1:00 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

Yes happy to. Top picks within my square at the moment include: Canadian Pacific (CP-T), Methanex (Mx-T), GLG Lifetech (GLG-G), Cervus Equipment (CVL-T)

1:01 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

Alliance Grain (AGT-T) is one other in the Ag square

1:02 Darcy Keith - OK, thanks Steve

1:02 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

My only parting comment is to echo a previous note in that Investors need to be highly cognizant of the valuation they are willing to pay when investing in the Industrials universe. Dont be afraid, in other words, to trim great companies when they are fetching lofty valuations

1:02 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

On the other hand, dont be afraid to buy great companies when they are a bit beat up :)

1:03 Darcy Keith - Sounds like good general advice. With that, let's wrap up this discussion. Thanks again Steve - and to all our readers for submitting questions. Join us again soon at The Globe and Mail for more live discussions.

1:03 Darcy Keith - Good bye all

1:03 [Comment From Steve Hansen]/b>

It was a pleasure participating today. I wish you all the best.

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