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To track down the best financial blogs the Web has to offer, we asked our Globe bloggers, columnists, the Canadian Capitalist and hedge fund manager Howard Lindzon to share their favourites.

Want to let us know what you think? Our online poll below let you vote for your top picks before the ballot box officially closed at noon on July 6. If you have a name we overlooked, you can add it to the comments. And, if someone else flagged a name you like, you can recommend that comment. Without further ado, here's the list:

Howard Lindzon Howard Lindzon is a Canadian portfolio manager at Lindzon Capital Partners in Phoenix. His blog is

Abnormal Returns 'Good theme of daily financial links. Simple to follow and get caught up.'

Crossing Wall Street 'Eddy Elfenbein is a pro and finds great tidbits that make up for a lot of the long drivel you must get through on other financial blogs.'

iBankCoin 'I am always in pursuit of financial and stock truth and humour and Fly always brings it.'

StockTwits Blog 'I am biased but Phil Pearlman runs a great community and blog for our real time Twitter idea site.'

ZeroBeta 'So angry, and bearish and mostly right on the fundamentals. I read when I am cranky.'

Canadian Capitalist Ram Balakrishnan is an Ottawa engineer and the man behind the Canadian Capitalist personal finance blog.

Canadian Financial DIY 'Meticulously and thoroughly researched posts on RRSPs, RESPs, LIRAs, taxes, portfolio management and asset allocation.... A hidden gem of the blogging world.'

Michael James on Money 'Michael might be a cryptography expert but his blog doesn't obfuscate. Instead, it features clear and intelligent analysis and discussion of personal finance topics.'

Million Dollar Journey 'An anonymous, self-confessed obsessive-compulsive money blogger from the East Coast shares saving and investing ideas and asks readers to tag along on his journey'

Thicken My Wallet 'Written by an anonymous, recovering lawyer turned entrepreneur, the blog features detailed posts on personal finances, investing, entrepreneurship, small business issues and occasionally even legal issues.'

Where Does All My Money Go? 'Unlike most blogs, which are written by amateurs, Preet Banerjee used to be a financial advisor and is now an executive with a fundamental index mutual fund provider. In addition to financial blog staples such as discussions on investing, Mr. Banerjee's blog also features juicy insider tidbits from the financial industry.'

Rob Carrick Rob Carrick is the personal finance columnist for The Globe and Mail

Canadian Mortgage Trends 'Essential reading if you need a mortgage to finance a home purchase, or you're renewing an existing mortgage. Editors Melanie McLister and Robert McLister are mortgage brokers who have a knack for explaining relevant economic trends and they're a definitive source of information on new products and rate changes.'

Four Pillars 'A wide ranging, jargon-free personal finance and investing blog for everyday people . Some of the top posts on this site: "why you can't trust real estate agents," "travelling cheap," "savvy consumers" "and why are some parents morons?" Two contributors supply the material - Mr. Cheap, a self-described 30-something computer nerd, and Four Pillars, who has taken the name of a well-regarded investing book called The Four Pillars of Investing, by William Bernstein.'

The Dividend Guy 'Yes, some blue chip companies have cut their dividend in recent months. But it's still a basic, uncontested fact of investing that dividends are a wonderful thing. Use this blog to make yourself smarter about dividend investing, and be sure to read its increasing coverage of broader topics.'

Wealthy Boomer 'A lot of personal finance and investing blogs take a gentle, explanatory approach that can get cloying after a while. When you want something a little savvier and more opinionated, try this blog from long-time National Post personal finance columnist Jonathan Chevreau.'

Million Dollar Journey 'This blog covers much the same ground as other personal finance blogs, but it tends to dig a little deeper into its topics with case studies and detailed examples. The author, known as FrugalTrader, hopes to build a net worth of $1-million by age 35. Good luck, smart guy.'

Andrew Willis and Boyd Erman Andrew Willis writes the Streetwise blog for The Globe and Mail. Boyd Erman is the capital markets reporter for the Globe and contributes to the Streetwise blog.


Wellington Financial 'Great for digging up the capers and chicanery that companies hide in plain sight in their regulatory filings.'

Crossing Wall Street

David Berman David Berman writes the Market Blog at Globe Investor.

Bespoke Investment Group 'Number crunchers extraordinaire. Want to know how the S&P 500 performs on Fridays before long weekends? They'll tell you.'

Stocks To Watch Today 'Short, zippy, fascinating takes on U.S. stocks that are in the news. From Barron's.'

Humble Student of the Markets 'Cam Hui usually looks at the big picture when it comes to equity markets and what's moving them. Sophisticated but highly accessible.' 'What a charming concept. Scour the footnotes of SEC filings to unearth what companies are trying to hide.'

Crossing Wall Street 'For four years, a long time in this business, Eddy Elfenbein has been treating readers with a mix of charts and sharp observation.'

Chaya Cooperberg Chaya Cooperberg works in investor relations for a publicly traded Canadian company and writes the Home Cents blog for Globe Investor.

Squawkfox 'Unapologetically girly at times (see the post on the "diva cup"), Kerry Taylor covers anything and everything from thrifty vegetarian meal plans (complete with cookbook-worthy pics) to exchange traded funds.'

Million Dollar Journey 'The Frugal Trader pens knowledgeable, well-researched and well-sourced entries on a vast array of topics. As a father of young children, his posts on saving and spending are especially insightful and relevant for families.'

Queercents 'Queercents ("We're here, We're queer, and We're not going Shopping without Coupons") is my top alternative personal finance blog pick. Even though, as they say, money spends the same whether it is carried in a purse or a wallet, Queercents has a unique perspective that always makes for an interesting read.'

The Digerati Life 'There's something about this edgy personal finance blog that makes me feel like I'm getting the inside scoop on money. Once a professional engineer and now a full-time blogger, "Silicon Valley Blogger" (or SVB for short) takes you on a journey of saving and spending and doesn't shy away from hard-core investing discussions.'

Money Under 30 'Full disclosure - I'm over 30. But I really enjoy this site and its focus on personal finance for the "young and ambitious" because I like to think that I still fit that description. A lot of the issues covered on this site are ones that I'm thinking about - such as the basics of building a budget and money-saving strategies. The site also makes me feel really good about being past the student debt stage.'

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