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A humorous look at the companies that caught our eye, for better or worse, this week.



  Feb. 14, 2014 close: $3.60
  down 58¢ or 13.9% over week

Business quiz! If you’d invested $10,000 in Bombardier 10 years ago and reinvested every dividend, today you would have roughly:

a) $21,300;
b) $14,900;
c) $6,500.

Answer: c.

In the latest setback for its delayed C Series planes, Bombardier hiked its cost estimate by $1-billion, sending the shares down and prompting Moody’s and S&P to chop the company’s credit ratings. Bombs away!

Air Canada


  Feb. 14, 2014 close: $5.74
  down $2.04 or 26.2% over week

“Ladies and gentlemen, please pay no attention to the baggage flying across the cabin or the screams of other passengers. This sort of sudden drop is normal for a stock that soared 323 per cent last year, what with the lower Canadian dollar and severe winter weather expected to take a bite out of Air Canada’s first-quarter results. Now sit back, grab a vomit bag and enjoy the rest of the flight.”

Goodyear Tire & Rubber

GT (Nasdaq)

  Feb. 14, 2014 close: $26.76 (U.S.)
  up $3.23 or 13.7% over week

Putting a good set of tires on your car can make a big difference. But if you want a real boost in performance, put some tires in your investment portfolio: Shares of Goodyear pulled into the passing lane after the company posted sharply higher fourth-quarter profit, driven by strength in North America and Europe. With the stock doubling in the past nine months, investors’ portfolios are burning rubber.

Home Capital


  Feb. 14, 2014 close: $88
  up $11.33 or 14.8% over week

Housing headlines over the years:

Market set to cool (2005);
Housing poised for slowdown (2007);
Housing boom ‘over this time, for sure’ (2011);
Housing bust ‘any second now’ (2013).

Well, the folks at Home Capital are still waiting: The alternative mortgage lender announced higher fourth-quarter profit, hiked its dividend by 14 per cent and split its stock two-for-one. No way this will last.

Canada Bread


  Feb. 14, 2014 close: $72.30
  up $4.02 or 5.9% over week

Bread n. 1. A food commonly made with flour and yeast. 2. A 1970s soft-rock band that produced such hits as Make It With You and Baby I’m A Want You. 3. Slang. Money.

Shareholders of Canada Bread pocketed more than a few crumbs this week after Maple Leaf Foods agreed to sell the company to Mexico’s Grupo Bimbo for $1.83-billion or $72 a share, causing the stock to rise.