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bnn market call

Don Vialoux.

Don Vialoux is a research analyst at Horizons ETF Management Canada. His focus is technical analysis and seasonal investing.

Top Picks:

Horizons Active Float ETF (HFR-TSX)

Initially purchased in HAC last week. No personal holdings.

The ETF is designed to act like a short-term note and is well-suited for preservation of capital during volatile equity markets.

90-Day Canada Government Bond

None held personally or in HAC.

Opportunities to invest in selected sectors are available between May and October. The Treasury Bill is a convenient security to hold prior to investing in select sectors.

5-Month Canada Government Bond

None held personally or in HAC

The period of seasonal volatility in equity markets is completed at the end of October when the five month Treasury Bill matures.

Past Picks: March 13, 2014

Horizons S&P 500 ETF (HXS-TSX)

Then: $35.44; Now: $36.13 +0.53%; Total return: +0.53%

Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF-NYSE)

Then: $21.94; Now: $21.93 -0.05%; Total return: +0.32%

First Trust Auto ETF (CARZ-NYSE)

Then: $38.25; Now: $38.34 +0.24; Total return: +0.29%

Total return average: +0.38

"Now" figures are intraday from the date of the analyst's appearance on BNN Market Call.

Market outlook:

The period of seasonal strength for most equity markets in the world on average ended on May 5. Investors have unrealized profits in a wide variety of equity securities since start of the period of seasonal strength last October. Now is the time to take seasonal trading profits.