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bnn market call

Kash Pashootan

Kash Pashootan is senior vice-president and portfolio manager at First Avenue Advisory, Raymond James. His focus is North American dividend stock & portfolio construction.

Top Picks:

Canadian Tire (CTC.A.TO)

16x P/E; 1.6% Yield; Last Buy: May 2016

Margin expansion is likely to continue with less markdowns, lower procurement costs and higher price points for private label products.

Cisco Systems (CSCO.O)

12x P/E; 3.3% Yield; Last Buy: May 2016

Cisco offers a play on the "Internet of Everything". It is using acquisitions to penetrate high-growth industries.

ResMed (RMD.N)

22x P/E; 2.1% Yield; Last Buy: May 2016

ResMed is a leading player in sleep apnea treatment, a large, under-penetrated market.

Past Picks: June 1, 2015

Apple (AAPL.O)

Then: $130.53 Now: $90.52 -30.65% Total return: -29.24%

McDonald's (MCD.N)

Then: $96.22 Now: $128.83 33.89% Total return: 37.16%


Total Return Average: 3.96%

Market outlook:

1. Market is looking for new normal.

2. Earnings season was ugly, but the market had it priced in.

3. We continue to be overweight cash.