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Jim Huang is president of T.I.P. Wealth Manager. His focus is North American equities.

Top Picks:

DIRTT Environmental Solutions (DRT-TSX)

DIRTT (stands for "do it right this time") is not your average prefabricated office furniture company. Founded by industry veterans including Mogens Smed, DIRTT uses its proprietary 3D software to seamlessly integrate the design, manufacturing and installation process, ensuring an on-time, on-budget experience. It is leveraging its network of partners to expand its reach globally, and create solutions to new segments like health care, lodging and residential. After recent strong performance, the valuation is by no means inexpensive, but DIRTT is one of the best companies that grows organically in a big market.

Transcontinental Inc. (TCL.A-TSX)

Transcontinental is well known as a proven efficient commercial printer, as well as publisher for trade magazines. With the internet revolution obliterating all things paper, the traditional business has been in a slow decline for the last decade, thus the low valuation the stock is trading at. Transcontinental has continued to cut costs, consolidate operations and generate good free cash flows which are used to pay a generous dividend and expand into new areas of growth. With further expansion into the higher growth flexible packaging, Transcontinental has the potential of being rerated by the market while providing a sustainable yield.

Whistler Blackcomb (WB-TSX)

Whistler Blackcomb operates one of the best ski resorts in North America, which is evolving into s four season destination. Free from the heavy financial leverage of its previous private equity owner, Whistler has been investing to provide a better experience to visitors, to improve ancillary revenues and to attract more destination visitors who tend to spend more. Growth will be incremental and weather conditions can have a big impact on short term results, but Whistler pays a good dividend which is set to grow over the years.

Past Picks: May 12, 2014

Starbucks (SBUX-Nasdaq) *Stock Split* 2 for 1 on April 9, 2015

Then: $71.15; Now: $50.56 +42.11%; Total return: +44.16%

Sherritt International (S-TSX)

Recommended based on potential shortage in the nickel market and ramping up of Ambatovy mine. Nickel prices have weakened due to the weak growth in China and more supply from Philippine. The company has executed its operational plan, but headwind from the commodity price is too strong.

Then: $4.72; Now: $2.77 -41.31%; Total return: -40.54%

Tricon Capital Group (TCN-TSX)

Then: $7.84; Now: $10.71 +36.61%; Total return: +40.43%

Total return average: +14.68%

Market outlook:

2015 so far has seen positive market performance, but has lived up to the expectation of being volatile. Valuation for most of the market is quite full after a good 6 year run. There are also a multitude of geopolitical tensions and the potential increase to benchmark interest rates by the U.S. Federal Reserve. However, global liquidity remains abundant with the ECB being the latest central bank to engage in new stimulus programs. The U.S. economy is set to bounce back from weather-related weakness in the first quarter. China, Japan and Europe are all fighting hard to re-accelerate their recovery. Overall, the risk and reward for 2015 is balanced. Stock picking takes on even more importance in this type of environment.