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Ian McGuganFred Lum/The Globe and Mail

Put on your boxing gloves. Things are about to get a little intense.

The Globe and Mail's new Trading Shots blog is your chance to climb in the ring with some of the biggest issues in the investing world. Watch as several of Canada's top financial journalists smack down conventional wisdom, bust money myths and deliver stinging blows to the forces that can prey on your portfolio. Then join in the fray.

We're calling our blog Trading Shots because we expect our best blows to meet with some vigorous counter-punches. Tell us what you think as we hold Bay Street to account and jab our fingers in the investing world's chest.

Regular contributors will include Globe commentators such as David Berman, John Heinzl, Darcy Keith, David Milstead and Preet Banerjee. We'll have several fresh posts every week and lots of chances for you to express your opinions through comments, surveys and stories from readers like you.

Our first topic? Why Canada is a horrible place to be an index investor. Agree or disagree, we invite you – no, we dare you – to jump into the discussion.

Readers: Go to the comments and post your burning questions, dare us to cover tough subjects and call us out on any topic.