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Portfolio Checkup

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This week's patient is a retiree who wonders if she's doing enough to protect her future. Rob Carrick, the Globe's personal finance columnist, and Larry Berman, co-Founder of ETF Capital Management, take a look.

The Simple Portfolio

The Question: Am I doing all I can do to protect our future?

Age: 63
Occupation: retired
Annual Income: $30,000
Level of investment knowledge: low
Portfolio size: $1.3-million
Pension: No

Portfolio notes

-Uses an adviser at the fund company Phillips, Hager & North

Asset mix:

Cash                      1.5%
Bonds  + GICs        33%
Individual stocks     65.5%

Largest holdings (all D-series PH&N funds):

  • PH&N Total Return Bond
  • PH&N High Yield Bond
  • PH&N Canadian Equity
  • PH&N Canadian Income
  • PH&N Dividend Income
  • PH&N Overseas Equity (hedged and unhedged)
  • PH&N U.S. Equity


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