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Portfolio Checkup

Is this all-stock portfolio properly diversified? Add to ...

This week's patient wonders if he is properly diversified and whether it's suitable for long-term investing. The Globe's personal finance columnist Rob Carrick and investment adviser at Scotia McLeod Andrew Pyle weigh in

The Precision portfolio

The Question: Am I properly diversified and is this portfolio suitable for long-term investing?
Assessment: Consider adding some bonds to this portfolio, and some exposure to stocks outside North America

Age: 54
Occupation: civil servant
Annual Income: $116,000
Level of investment knowledge: high
Size of portfolio: $220,000
Pension: Yes

Portfolio Notes

-Do-it-yourself investor
-All all-stock RRSP portfolio with top holdings that include:

Asset mix:

  • Brookfield Asset Management           4.3 %
  • Intel                                                 4.9 %
  • Johnson and Johnson                      5.9 %
  • SNC Lavalin                                      4.9 %
  • TD Bank                                           5.7 %
  • Canadian Natural Resources              4.1 %
  • Empire-A                                          5.1 %
  • Fairfax Financial                                 5.6 %
  • Rogers Communications-B                4.9 %
  • Suncor                                              3.8 %

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