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investor clinic

I get a lot of questions from readers. That's great. The main purpose of Investor Clinic, after all, is to educate people.

So keep the questions coming. I can't respond to all of them personally, but I read every one and they help me formulate ideas for columns.

Occasionally, however, I receive a question that's already been covered in a previous column. So, today I'm offering up a handy reference guide to what I consider the most useful Investor Clinics of the past few years.

If you see a question below that's relevant to you, click on the link and you'll be whisked away to the column with the answer. Or, if you'd prefer to browse through past articles, you can find an archive of my Investor Clinic columns here.

  • How can I determine a company’s dividend growth rate? Click here.
  • The yields on covered-call ETFs are tempting. Is there a catch? Click here.
  • How do I calculate a stock’s dividend payout ratio? Click here.
  • Why should I reinvest my dividends? Click here.
  • What are “phantom distributions”? Click here.
  • I’m still confused. Is there anything else you can tell me about phantom distributions? Click here.
  • From a tax perspective, what is the best type of account in which to hold U.S. dividend stocks? Click here.
  • What are the rules on mandatory RRIF withdrawals? Click here.
  • What are the implications of withdrawing shares from an RRSP? Click here.
  • Do I have to claim an RRSP deduction in the same year as my contribution? Click here.
  • What are the rules on tax-loss selling? Click here.
  • When can I split pension income with a spouse? Click here.
  • Now that pension income can be split, do spousal RRSPs still serve a purpose? Click here.
  • I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to investing. Any advice? Click here.
  • How do I calculate the adjusted cost base on my shares and why does it matter? Click here.
  • What are the signs that my adviser may not be working in my best interest? Click here.
  • How can I protect myself from financial fraud? Where can I turn if I have been a victim? Click here.
  • How do analysts come up with price targets? Click here.
  • It seems like I will be better off if I keep dividend stocks outside my RRSP so I can get the dividend tax credit. Is that true? Click here.
  • I know pretty much everything there is to know about investing and personal finance. You wouldn’t happen to have an interactive investing quiz where I could test my knowledge, would you? (Yes, I do)