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Need help with Watchlist? Add to ...

11:17 Sonali Verma - It's a performance view that we are planning to add in for commodities, currencies and indexes.

11:17 [Comment From Jo]

Is there a fee for using Watchlist?

11:17 Sonali Verma - Not at all. It's free. Enjoy it! All you have to do is register.

11:17 [Comment From Bob]

Is there any way that original stock costs can be listed and then current total values be automatically updated ?

11:18 Sonali Verma - Sounds like another candidate for our portfolio tool:


11:19 [Comment From John W]

Thanks I really like my watchlist and follow it daily.

11:19 Sonali Verma - Thank you very much!

11:19 [Comment From Mike]

My Watchylist keeps reverting to an older version I updated several weeks ago. Have tried logging out and back in again but no change.

11:19 Sonali Verma - Our customer service reps can help you with that. Please email that to: globeinvestor@globeandmail.com

11:20 [Comment From Guest]

Browser is Firefox

11:20 Sonali Verma - Is it Java script-enabled? That might be the problem.

11:21 [Comment From John W]

All my real investments are in my portfolio. I would like to know gains or losses in my watchlist along with all the other useful information. This would help me in making a buying decision. Thanks you.

11:21 Sonali Verma - If you want to see daily gains or losses, you can use the My Shares view on Watchlist. For longer-term changes, price history and transaction history, stick with the portfolio tool.

11:22 [Comment From Guest]

How do I get the time of the last transaction for stocks in Build Your Own view? Latest Price column normally has this, but not in Build Your Own.

11:23 Sonali Verma - Thanks for pointing that out! We'll add it in as a column that you can pick when you customize your Build Your Own view.

11:23 [Comment From Jo]

Where is "build your own view" located?

11:25 Sonali Verma - Glad you asked. It is under the Stocks and ETFs section.

Look at the upper right hand corner of the Stocks and ETFs box. You will see a drop-down menu from where you can choose your preferred view, such as My Shares, Dividends, Per Cent Performance, All News, Earnings, and others. Pick the Build Your Own option.

11:25 [Comment From Guest]

Have no idea what 'scrip-enabled' means. I update all Java as they push them out. I have not disabled anything.

11:26 Sonali Verma - Go to the Preferences option in Firefox. Pick Content. Then, check that Enable Javascript is checked.

11:27 Sonali Verma - This is from our Comments section, from a reader identifying themself as Top Level:

1. make the Company column wider so you can read the entire name (ie:especially ETF names).

2. decrease the width of columns such as Change Today (dollars and %'s) as the too-wide columns chew up too much space > perhaps allow a personal column width option.

3. make it easy to transfer holdings from one list to another, with the change out providing auto erase on the old list location.

11:28 Sonali Verma - Try the Build Your Own view, which is a little bit more compact, so you can see more data on the same screen.

11:29 Sonali Verma - There is an Import function that lets you pull an existing Stocklist or Fundlist into your Watchlist.

We are working on making it possible to copy a Watchlist at the click of a button as well.

11:29 [Comment From Joe]

Great job on the site. Will there be a bond section

11:30 Sonali Verma - Thanks for the suggestion! That's something we'll have to consider -- good to know that you're interested in that.

11:31 Sonali Verma - You can customize Build Your Own view so that it pulls several types of dividend data as well as volume.

11:31 Sonali Verma - (Sorry forgot to post the question there! Here it is:)

11:31 [Comment From Jo]

Okay, so I want a volume column in my dividends view -- how do I place it there from 'build your own view'? Thanks.

11:32 [Comment From Michael]

In the older system, in Fundlist, I could compare all my fund holdings in several ways. Now, in Watchlist, if I click on one fund, and then on a link to get these various criteria, I don't get all my funds, but only the fund I clicked and a page of other funds from its family

11:32 Sonali Verma - Hi, Michael. Jonathan tells me that the software team is working on making fund comparison functionality available in the future. Thanks for your feedback!

11:33 [Comment From Bill]

I have the same issue as Rob earlier in that I had been dragging columns over to build my own portfolio but can no longer do this....tried a number of times....Thks

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