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Need help with Watchlist? Add to ...

11:33 Sonali Verma - Thanks for raising the issue.

11:35 Sonali Verma - We'll have to look into it. In the meantime, if you want a quicker resolution, email globeinvestor@globeandmail.com and they will help move the process forward faster by making it a priority.

11:35 [Comment From Guest]

The old stocklist shows daily highs and lows for stocks in my list as well as the daily volume. I don't see the daily highs and lows on Watchlist. Am I missing something or is that info not available.

11:35 Sonali Verma - You can set a one-day range as a column in the Build Your Own view.

You can also see the one-day range in the Overview view.

11:36 [Comment From Joe]

Is there a way of getting a full screen when you have customized your list instead of using the scroll bar as many people have larger screens we could detach the screen and make it a full screen.

11:36 Sonali Verma - Thanks for the suggestion, Joe. That's something we'll have to consider for the future -- glad to get your views on it.

11:36 [Comment From Ted]

I seem to have lost the delete button that used to be on the far right side of the Watchlist page. How do I get it back. Can you please help me?

11:37 Sonali Verma - Thanks, Ted. Which view are you using?

11:38 Sonali Verma - Perhaps you have zoomed in too far using the browser's zoom function. Try zooming out -- that should solve the problem.

11:38 [Comment From Jo]

how many stocks can I have on my watchlist?

11:38 Sonali Verma - It depends on your browser -- 50 to 100.

11:40 [Comment From Jo]

I really love that I can see ex-div and payout dates on all my stocks, so I know when to buy and when I'll get paid.

11:40 Sonali Verma - Yes, many of our readers are die-hard dividend investors and share your joy.

11:40 [Comment From Guest]

can you create a column with the highs and lows of the day?

11:42 Sonali Verma - Yes, it's called the 1D Range, as in one-day range.

You can see it in the Overview view and the Build Your Own view.

You simply need to click on the drop-down menu and pick 1D Range ( the other options are 5D and 52-Week).

11:42 [Comment From Jo]

Thanks for a great investing tool for us 'die-hards'.

11:42 [Comment From Ted]

That does it Sonali - thank you.

11:42 Sonali Verma - Always a pleasure.

11:43 [Comment From Guest]

Series clarification on stocks. often confusing on which one to pick

11:43 Sonali Verma - Could you please elaborate?

11:45 [Comment From Joe]

Where do you find the ex div payout dates

11:47 Sonali Verma - Go to the Dividends view. You'll find the Div Ex Date as well as the Div Pay Date. (If you let your mouse hover over either column, it shows you a detailed explanation of both.)

11:47 [Comment From Jo]

click on dividends in 'view'

11:48 [Comment From Guest]

Firefox>>Options>>Content>>JavaScrip allowed is already ticked.

11:48 Sonali Verma - We'll have to look into it. In the meantime, if you want a quicker resolution, emailglobeinvestor@globeandmail.com and they will help move the process forward faster by making it a priority.

11:51 [Comment From Guest]

why do some show they pay a div when they dont anymore. like ylo and there is others

11:53 Sonali Verma - Thanks for pointing that out.

We'd be grateful if you could send a list of any discrepancies in our data to globeinvestor@globeandmail.com -- which sends it to our data department. All your fellow investors will thank you as well, I'm sure.

11:56 [Comment From Joe]

Great job group

11:56 [Comment From Jo]

will I need to login to watchlist each time or can I just click on it like I do stocklist?

11:58 Sonali Verma - Once you have registered, you can log in and then click the Keep Me Logged In option so that you don't have to log in over and over again.

11:58 [Comment From Michael]

Does your system add new funds as they are introduced by the various fund companies and banks? It does not recognize a newer RBC Investment Savings Account. Thanks.

11:59 Sonali Verma - If a fund that you'd like to keep an eye on isn't available, drop us a line at globeinvestor@globeandmail.com and ask us to add it in.

12:02 Sonali Verma - Thank you for joining us and for all your questions.

If you have any Watchlist-related concerns, you can always email us at globeinvestor@globeandmail.com.

All the best,


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