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Young Gen Y woman, biking through town to work.

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Gen Y on car ownership – we'll pass
Spirits were running high at the recent Detroit car show as a result of surging new car and truck sales. What people weren't talking about, Maclean's reports, is how Gen Y isn't much interested in cars.

Cutting through the clutter in credit cards
The RateHub website offers this new tool that helps people find the credit card that best matches their needs. The RateHub people tell me that all credit cards are or will be included in the database.

Alzheimer's and your finances
Thoughts on the impact of this disease and other forms of dementia on individuals and their families.

How long will you live?
This incredibly detailed calculator asks you to say what U.S. state you live in. Canadians, just pick the "don't know" option. I scored 87.8 years.

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