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‘When you divorce, you’re splitting your income in half, but not your expenses. Unless you change your lifestyle, it can be devastating,” says Perry Quinton, vice-president, marketing, at the Investor Education Fund in Toronto.

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Five things you should know about TFSA
The rules for tax-free savings accounts in situations like divorce, death and leaving Canada. Timely in light of news that the federal government is looking at doubling the TFSA contribution limit in the upcoming federal budget.

These retired 30-somethings travel the world
Meet Jeremy and Winnie, 30-somethings who saved enough to quit working and travel. No, they don't have kids.

Crushed by a bet that rates will rise
Read here about the The ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury Fund (TBT-NYSE), an exchange-traded fund that, according to Bloomberg, has lost $6.1 billion (U.S.) of investor money since its inception in 2008. You'd buy this ETF to benefit from a rise in rates, which hasn't yet happened.

Why interest rates are low
It's the state of the economy, former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke says in his new blog.

More money
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