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File photo of a house sold in Toronto.

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Diary of a mad housing market
How can Toronto house prices keep rising ever higher? Here's some insight in the form of an analysis of recent transactions on what could be the hottest street in the city, Rhodes Ave. A 1,200-square-foot semi recently sold here for $717,336 — almost $170,000 over the lowball asking price — in a 25-person bidding war. Meet the young couples who have been drawn to this street, and the veteran realtors taking it all in.

Here's a look at how Toronto's hot market for single-family homes has helped drive a boom in condo construction.

Finally, a report on how the condo market in Toronto may be headed for a near-term decline due to an over-supply of buildings.

Tips for families with special needs kids
On the list is setting up a registered disability savings plan, which was introduced by recently departed federal finance minister Jim Flaherty.

Invest with us, we're market-beaters
One of the best responses I've read to the idea that money managers can consistently beat the market.

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